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Q. Where can I purchase your products?

You can buy directly from our website or through independent pets shops, grooming salons and Vets. If you have a local stockist you would like us to be available in please let us know:

Q: Are your products recyclable?

Absolutely! All of our components can be recycled.


Q. How are For All DogKind shampoos different from other pet shampoos?

Our products have been formulated by the top industry experts to deliver quality with outstanding results. Each shampoo has individual ingredients to deeply cleanse, nourish and protect all skin and coat types. FADK shampoos are free from chemicals including sulphates, parabens, petrochemicals, PEGS or Alcohol. We have factory certification (Safety Data Sheets) to provide full reassurance our products are SAFE. We also provide full transparency of every ingredient that goes into our products.

Q. Why are For All DogKind shampoos 97% natural?

The main ingredient within our shampoo is Aqua (water) therefore we need to have a preservative to make the products shelf-stable. We have 3% ‘nature identical’ preservatives, which are synthetically made (therefore not natural) that preserves our shampoos to have a minimum 3 years shelf life prior to opening.

Q. How often can I use your shampoo?

As our shampoos are natural they can be used as often as required without stripping the natural oils on your dog’s skin & coat.

Q. Are your shampoos tearless?

Yes. Our formulations have been created to ensure they will not irritate dog’s eyes. Q. Are your products cruelty free? A. Yes, None of our range is tested on animals. Humans tested each product along with our expert chemists. Q. Can the shampoo be diluted? A. Yes, both our 250ml and 5L bottles can be diluted 32-1. For best results we suggest using our FADK mixing bottle and following its fill instructions. Q. I am a dog groomer, is your shampoo compatible with a hydrobath? A. Yes. Our shampoos are sulphate free and low lather which is ideal for hydrobaths. As our shampoos are chemical free they also prevent the build-up of soap scum in the pipes – prolonging the life of your equipment.

Q. Does your shampoo lather up when using it?

None of our shampoos contains sulphates which are chemicals added to shampoos to create the ‘bubbles’. We use ingredients derived from coconut oil, which create a natural lather. The benefit to this is that our shampoos still clean the coat thoroughly but are a lot easier to rinse out. Plus the drying time is quicker as our shampoos don’t leave a residue on the coat.

Q. My dog has very allergic skin – what shampoo should I use?

We would always recommend using our Simply Calming: Sensitive shampoo, as this is fragrance-free and very gentle on skin & coats. Once your dog is comfortable you can move them onto the rest of the range.

Q. Can I use your Topical Ear Cleaner if my dog has an ear infection?

No. Please seek veterinarian support if your dog has an ear infection, as this may need treating with antibiotics.

Q. Is your Topical Tear Cleaner tearless?

No. Please avoid getting the solution into your dog’s eyes. Always ensure you use a cotton pad to apply and if you are concerned solution has got into their eyes, please thoroughly wash the eye area with warm water.


Q. Do I need to speak to my Vet before using your products?

If your dogs on existing medication we would advise speaking to your vet in advance. If your dog is otherwise healthy there is no need to seek veterinarian approval.

Q. Where are your supplements aids made?

We’re working with the leading specialists of pet supplements in the USA who have over 25-years experience. We’ve chosen to work with them due to their expertise, quality and proven results.

Q. Can I give a combination of For All DogKind supplement products?

Yes, our products have been designed to complement each other so your dog can take more than one product in the range. Please ensure you do not exceed the recommended daily amount on any single product.

Q. How should I store my supplement aids?

Please keep the product out of reach of children and your pets and store in a cool dry place.

Q. How long are the products good for?

Our wellbeing products expire 24 months from the date at which they were manufactured. The best before date is clearly stated on the lid. Once opened, we recommend to use within 6-months.

If you have any other queries please do not hesitate to contact us:

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